Let us help your Financial Institution drive MRR, PQLs, and MQLs with meticulously crafted marketing solutions.

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What you can expect during the Discovery Phase:

Confirmation and scheduling.
Upon contact request, check your email (incl. Spam) to book an initial consultation at your convenience.

Initial Consultation.
During this call, we get to know each other and discuss your current and future objectives.

Scope of work.
We create a scope of work outline that outlines the scope of the project, timeline, and budget.

Review and approval of contract.
Once the scope of work is approved, we send a contract proposal for review and e-signature.

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Meet our Founder.

Meet the mastermind behind MEHRHOFF DIGITAL, our founder Patrick Mehrhoff, who will be guiding your initial consultation and shaping the direction of your project.

Patrick Mehrhoff is the driving force behind MEHRHOFF DIGITAL, a marketing consultancy for Financial Services that is reaching the top of its industry. With a proven track record of building marketing departments from the ground up, Patrick has the skills and expertise to drive exponential growth. Before founding MEHRHOFF DIGITAL, Patrick was responsible for the marketing efforts of two highly successful FinTech startups in Switzerland: MoneyPark, part of Helvetia, and Crypto Finance, part of Deutsche Boerse Group. These companies achieved exit values of over 400 million, with a combined valuation of over 2 billion. Patrick is a German national, holds an MBA from the Power Business School and is a Certified FinTech Professional from the University of Hong Kong. With a wealth of experience and a vision for the future, Patrick is a leader in the financial services industry.

Patrick Mehrhoff